Alice is an emerging Australian fashion designer graduating with her collection, Neo Future. She has skills across designing, sewing, pattern making and graphics, which are influenced by her interests in futuristic aesthetics and elevated ready to wear. Using this Alice has established her brand ‘ALYS-Alice Roden’ 2021. Alice explores the use of textural and sculptural details, and enjoys  bringing in elements of wearable art. She strives to bring a sense of joy to her designs and the entire consumer experience.

NEO FUTURE is a five body collection. Initially inspired  by its bright futuristic approach to a very stagnant world of menswear, the collection has evolved to include womenswear, playing with the archetypes seen in gendered clothing.  The collection looks into the archetype of underwear as outerwear and explores the contrast of its practical and aesthetic use through history and media. The collection also takes inspiration from the cult classic film ‘The Fifth Element’, styled and design by fashion phenom, Jean Paul Gualtier, who revolutionised the fashion industry in the 90’s with his elaborate outfits and introducing underwear as outerwear. The fabrications have been considered through contrasting traditional and tech fabrics that pair with hand crafted clay dolls. The collection was featured as part of the Melbourne Fashion Week Student Runway, with the hero body 'PLAVALAGUNA DIVA' making it's runway debut.
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