Alivia Bourke is a young, motivated fashion designer based in Sydney, Australia. From the age of 4, Alivia has been sewing and designing and enjoying the creative aspects of our world. She enjoys developing her innovative ideas and creating concepts that challenge and insight new ideas within society. During her studies she has interned with Akira Isogawa, this involved designing, producing handmade accessories, textile and pattern making, as well as hand finishing garments. Her interests within the fashion industry include the environmental impacts on our world, the social and political aspects of the psychology of fashion and the details within fabrication techniques.
Through this collection I aim to explore the universe and challenge concepts of scale, print design, drape, and couture.  My garments explore notions of individualism, silhouette, and depth to shift one into a state of mind where they can reflect on themselves and why we are here. The colour pallet is monochromatic, featuring a teal toned print design. This hand painted artwork has been digitally transformed into a fabric print, inspired by abstract art and the beauty within mistakes. 
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