My design aesthetic is soft and elegant silhouettes, evening wear that makes a woman feel her best. Couture detailing creating texture to one of kind pieces. Always watching out for the latest trends, and exploring techniques, finding a unique balance that appeals to the strong and elegant. The use of vibrant colour in my collection represents my bright and passionate personality. I take care in sewing garments, you could call me a perfectionist. When choosing the fabrics I take my time, matching the colours and weights of the fabric to suit the design aesthetic I envision. Always looking at creating unique textures, to make a bold statement.  

The collection is inspired by the modern day fairytale. Capturing the romance, femininity and strength that can be seen in real life. This is reflected through the vibrant colours in the collection. The sleek silhouette and soft fabrics embraces the natural curves of the woman's body enhancing their confidence. The collection is for the woman who loves to turn heads and be treated like a princess.
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