Amar is a young fashion designer from Sydney, Australia that encapsulates the world around her in her designs. Amar’s intentions are to create designs that are simple, elegant with areas of modesty in the designs. Her goal is to open her own business, with different styles ranging from formal to casual for both male and females. The designs that Amar creates are simplistic with touches that make it different such as embroidery whether it’s done by hand or machine as well as making structural. She aims to make the best quality garments while using good quality fabrics. 

Come Again is a 2021 Spring/Summer collection inspired by nature. The concept on this collection derives from nature with the star shining bright in the night sky, that has been imitated in human nature with tall buildings reflecting on the ocean
at night. These garments are made with a combination of lines from arches to strong line as well as structure that create shapes to juxtapose the silhouettes of this collection. For this collection the colour palette is about the elegancy that a primary colour can bring both with and without the dominant colour of black.
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