Amba Pittard-Watt is a Creative Director and Stylist based in Melbourne. Her practice and work through Lo0seEndz has a reputation for unique, anomalous compositions with strong narrative. Whilst striving for perfection and advancing in leaps of vision, each piece of work is considered and thought provoking, to inspire society in some form. Amba’s style direction is supported by playful notions and use of space through mixed mediums. Her palate as a Creative Director is spread amongst photography, graphic design and film, paired with a ferociously inventive eye to styling and illustrative symphonies that define contemporary style.
‘I want depth within my work so viewers can somewhat compose their own perception and opinion on the work, whilst still falling under the same creative umbrella.’

Wide-Eyed; the playful child within. A portrayal of the buried childish innocence and spontaneity once so familiar to us all. A moment when the boundaries of reality were blurred by uncontrolled imagination, deep curiosity, and free ingenuity. This editorial depicts how the youth perceive adulthood: What did you want to be when you grew up? This portrayal of life filled with untold, crazed imagination will inspire society to recreate the carefree memories that captivated each of us at one time. The playful child which still lives within the matured. The guileless sensibilities will drift throughout with oddity, movement and scribble. These playful motifs embody the nature of Creative Director, Amba Pittard-Watt and form a sense of undisciplined colour and instinctive textural composition.
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