In 2020 I started my design journey by moving to Sydney Australia to study a Bachelor of Design specialised in Interior Design. 
I have always been passionate about design, especially creating beautiful things myself and bringing visions to life. My designs tend to focus on the abstracts forms and different textures found in nature, using sustainable materials and methods. I appreciate detailed, high quality craftsmanship and am passionate about coming up with unique ideas and designs that have yet to be developed. My goal as a designer is to create tranquil, unique spaces for people to experience. 

Through a series of tranquil interior and exterior spaces charged with warmth and and the constantly shifting play of natural light, this boutique artists retreat marries the historic treasures of Tuscany and its fascinating idyllic countryside. With the aim of bringing people together from all over the world to explore the rolling hills and cultural heritage, this destination focuses on a communal yet serene approach to diminish everyday life and enrich creative flow.
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