Arabel Foster is a contemporary creative director and stylist with a deep interest in visual storytelling.
Her design style has been influenced by her upbringing in small-town coastal regions of both Australia and the United States, where her exploration of different landscapes and lifestyles informed her love for organic forms and nostalgic reflection. Though she is currently based in Sydney, these core traits are often evident in her evocative work, which aims to capture everyday beauty in surprising ways.
With experience in styling, graphic design, photography and illustration, she has developed a versatile skill set that is applicable in many areas, including food, fashion and interior styling.

Simple Pleasures is a lifestyle narrative with an appreciation of locality and a focus on the joys of slow living. It follows a unique, urban approach that encompasses the little things that make every day special, whether it be your morning coffee or a pastry from your favourite cafe.
The styling and photography approach is inspired by the still life compositions created by William Eggleston and Margaret Preston, both of which venture into the mundane to create beautifully evocative scenes. Simple Pleasures aims to capture a multifaceted view of life in Sydney that fosters a deep connection between consumer and location before any physical interaction has taken place. Creative direction, styling, illustration and photography by Arabel Foster.
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