is a Sydney-based creative director, stylist, and photographer. His work is modern, street, and versatile. He is heavily inspired by music video directors and contemporary streetwear designers. Growing up Ari was always exploring abandoned buildings to shoot Urbex photography which slowly moved more towards videos and shooting for brands. He has previously done photography for brands such as Asics, Footlocker, Salmons, and Vans. You can find his work at

Design Statement
No.19 is focused on my interest for high-street fashion and cars. I have blended two opposite ends of streetwear together, paired with each outfit are cars and locations to suit each aesthetic. When cars and fashion are paired there is a lot of cliché around each scene. Having a history of working with cars and an interest in streetwear, I bring these two separate passions of mine together for a fashion campaign style video. My videography style is heavily influenced by music videos and the way I consider lighting and edit takes lots of references from Neo-Noir films.
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