I am Arna Pop Stefanija Lesanska, graduating with a Bachelor in Interior Design from Whitehouse Institute of Design. My philosophy on design is based on my intent to stay curious, to absorb inspiration from my surrounding environment, places I visit, people and feelings.  I am fascinated by the psychology of design and how the choices we make daily regarding life, socialising, work and the places we go and explore, all have an impact on our wellbeing and how we see the world. Through this way of thinking I am to explore the boundaries interior spaces by crating a space that adds value to one’s everyday life in form of architectural shapes in the space and textures and colour.

Common’s is an apartment block designed on the bases of simple living a building that is sustainable, minimal, and honest. Its about creating a community for like minded people to all live together in the same building. Its about  designing a place that people wanted to live in, a place they would love, a place they would call home.
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