My identity has had a significant influence on the concepts that I cultivate, I place great value on empowerment through the representation of queer people of colour. This translates into my designs in the form of deconstructing the gender archetypes; producing non-binary designs that at times include motifs that relate to my Filipino heritage.

I have always loved the process of constructing garments and illustrating, the combination of these two passions enables me to create prints that are incorporated into my collections. With proficient skills in product design, drafting, pattern making, construction, adobe suite and illustration, this helps to breathe life into my designs.
The BEYOND Trans-seasonal Ready-to-Wear collection embraces and explores the unfamiliar through the surrealist lens; challenging tradition and welcoming the new age. BEYOND is inspired by David Bowie who is the muse for this collection. It adheres to a vibrant primary colour palette inspired by surrealist artists Rene Magritte’s 1928 ‘Les Amants/The Lovers’.
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