Bianca Furey is a Sydney based interior designer, graduating from the Whitehouse Institute of Design.  Bianca aims to design interior spaces that are warm, timeless and eclectic, while maintaining a high level of liveability and functionality. She is known for combining more traditional styles with character and mixing them into a more modern and contemporary setting, to make a space truly unique. Bianca believes that it's not just about fulfilling the needs and desires of the client but going the extra mile and understanding the fine details of the client and site to get the best possible outcome all round.

This project was designed with the aim to bring new life into the library of Paddington, through celebrating its historical roots while embracing modern design. The library is a central and important part of the community, which it is why it is important to keep it up to date; inviting to the community and surrounds. The design will include a mix of old and new styles, colour and strategic lighting. There will be a focus on adding more spaces to sit, relax, study and more. Although changing the original location of the library from the ground floor. it remains inside the Paddington Hall, allowing for more spaces with high ceilings, a cafe and balcony seating. This creates a more inviting space for locals to ‘sip and read’ or catch up with a friend, while enjoying the movement of Oxford street below.
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