Billy is a fashion designer based in Melbourne, he builds his work with the desire for the wearer to feel powerful embracing the idea that they will become the centre  of attention. As a Classical operatic vocalist, this influences every theatrical design. Connecting within his bold choices within his work. Bold is the cornerstone in every Billy Souflas design. Furthermore, his work reflects an admiration for art and design history and constantly pays homage to the designers of the past. Whilst creating contemporary sought after pieces.

Rigor Act II, emerged from the exact definition of Rigor meaning unyielding. Through the focus on the unyielding, the elite worlds of the Ballet and Equestrian riding are examined in the collection. The ballet dancers ‘Rigor’ to perform in a way that appears effortless to the audience and the horses' ‘Rigor’ and strength. Welcoming the unyielding-this concept makes the figure Carine Roitfeld a constant muse. Within this collection, her determined nature is admired and used as inspiration.
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