Biunca Guilfoyle is an aspiring Image Maker, most at home amongst the abstract and eclectic. A recent Creative Direction & Styling graduate, Biunca seeks out any opportunity to impart her multidimensional style, bending rules to new conclusions. A passionate world builder, Biunca’s unique view of the world has been formed over a lifetime of travel spanning the globe.
Biunca’s work seeks to inspire authentic connections between artist and audience, whilst reflecting an awareness of her contributions to design as a community. This connection is shaped through intricate and seemingly minute design choices employed to guide the audience on a journey.
Bringing a broad spectrum of life experience to the playground, Biunca has demonstrated a standard of design that has allowed her to achieve consecutive best designer awards during her time at Whitehouse Institute of design.

Design Statement:
Grey: showcase was prepared as a main feature in a fictitious fashion magazine. A male model was explicitly presented to play on gender norms, celebrating a non-binary approach to fashion, bending and blending the status quo, empowering androgynous styling.
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