Tegan Dreher
Tegan Dreher a Creative Director, Photographer and Stylist currently mastering her craft at Whitehouse Institute of Design. Inspired by a diverse range of sources from the natural world and art, Tegan channels her influences to produce innovative results. She is known for her unique and bold illustration style but is also adept in creating narratives through photography and styling. Tegan has a keen eye for detail and is exceptional at problem solving whilst also creating new and unique ideas. Passionate about creative pursuits, she represents the next generation of illustrators and creatives, determined to create her own path.
My Signature Project, ‘Bloom’ is a beauty and fashion accessories editorial inspired by the textures and tones of Spring and Summer. When thinking of the warmer seasons, I see bright, bold colours flooded with sunshine and a range of textures. It also conjures treasured memories I have travelling with family and friends. These optimistic themes are true to my style philosophy, and the theme ‘Bloom’ is brought to life through a range of different styling techniques. The purpose of this creative direction is to evoke positive emotions in the viewer when looking at the imagery whilst also showcasing the finer details of the products. With this editorial I intended to provide a range of imagery that represents Spring and Summer through a range of shots as well as the video that has being created to support the visuals.
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