Catherine Maree Ioannidis 
My name is Catherine Maree Ioannidis, I am an emerging Creative Director and Stylist passionate about generating new and innovative design work. I have recently obtained my Bachelor Degree with honours from The Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. I am constantly inspired by my physical surroundings and my inner circle. I have a positive attitude towards my working environment where I am able to solve problems and quickly determine a new outcome. Outside of the design field, I play soccer and cook for my family and friends, which enables me to balance a life of creativity and athleticism. My work has a lack of predictability and exudes a feeling of curiosity for the viewer. I enjoy using manipulation to create this sense of entropy to repeat the feeling of the ‘best of both worlds’.

Caterina Design will showcase her work in FUSION, a Fashion editorial. The visuals of the editorial will highlight the main pieces of each styled look and portray them as an outfit that is trending. Wishing that the supporting video and GIF will help to further reinforce this feeling of imagination and directed ethereal feelings, furthermore projecting the dream aesthetic.
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