Charlotte Guzmán is a young experimental fashion designer from Sydney, Australia who uses her unique ideas of theology, modernity, and the psychology of shape and from to inform her design philosophy. Graduating from a prestigious educational institution, Whitehouse Institution of Design, she developed her skills in the fashion design industry and learned how to adapt  and overcome obstacles. Charlotte uses her design philosophy to create garments that have fluidity, structure, personality, and attention to detail. While studying at Whitehouse she developed her brand BY GUZMÁN that focuses on soft femininity, effortless confidence and allure beauty that mirrors her design beliefs. She aims to work with natural fabrics and materials that create a balance between structure and form to enhance the shape of the garment, and create timeless pieces by redefining innovation. 

Tellurian is a collection largely inspired by self-awareness, a true reality, and the structure of the earth. It demonstrates the art in the earth’s natural form that was deprived from society during an unforeseeable pandemic. The design of the texture application of each garment expresses the shift in the earths form and how that has created a shift within the balance of life. The colour palette mirrors the earths rich yellows, reds and shades of ivory that can been seen in the deepest parts of the earth bouncing off the reflection of the sun. The garments consist of natural features such as fabrication and natural methods of dyeing as well as structured silhouettes that express the earth’s natural movement. By using elements and principles of design such as line and direction, movement, shape, colour and form, the collection is able to encapsulate and bring a part of our connection to the earth through design.
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