Cherise Gabrielle Atip is an Australian Fashion Designer from Sydney. With a curiosity to explore various styles and aesthetics during her time at Whitehouse, it became the prime drive to her work. Cherise has received a Fashion Designer Award and the Whitehouse Institute x AWET Woolmark Company grant in her graduate year.
Experimenting with technical fabric manipulation techniques, such as hand smocking and incorporating those unique textures into modern silhouettes. Cherise strives to create playful, elegant and innovative designs, whilst building a positive and supportive environment entering the industry.
Budding; the process of a plant being able to grow individual buds ready to sprout on their own. In the midst of external factors in today’s world, it has given us the opportunity to spend time in our own homes. Reflecting upon the design journey for this collection, the concept of growth and branching out has been the perfect introduction to what life is going to be in future. Cherise focuses on fabric manipulation, creating unique tactile textures, formed into a modern silhouette. The colour palette of this collection is a representation of colour psychology, Green or Chartreuse represents growth, harmony and tranquility, it is also associated with nature and the beauty of it.
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