Chris Mak is an independent fashion designer from Sydney, Australia. He studied at the Whitehouse Institute of Design, where he developed his design identity in contemporary men’s and women’s ready to wear. He honed his design aesthetic from his admiration for deconstructive tailoring, pushing boundaries and elevating wardrobe staple pieces by infusing them with an unorthodox twist. Through the influences of avant-garde designers, Chris’ work presents a juxtaposition of uncanny details to recognisable silhouettes, allowing wearability to his innovative designs with a peverse edge. With a curiosity for abnormal human body contouring, his work is a three-dimensional process that begins with unconventional pattern making techniques and ends with his appreciation for fine craftsmanship.

Inspired by the unknown nature and the uninhabitable living conditions of outer space, Still Motion infuses these indefinite concepts of space into wardrobe staple pieces. The collection presents the Vortex suit, a deconstructive take on classical tailoring featuring voluminous hollow shapes identified as “voids”, to reference the notion of the unknown, a shape that leads the eye into nothingness. Uninhabitable with no sign of life, the Distortion dress challenges this preconceived concept of zero life through injecting movement and a lifelike quality through the manipulation of fabric, creating a sense of still movement within an inanimate object.
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