Chudier Kueth Ruach is an Ethiopian born, South Sudanese Australian Fashion Designer.  Influenced and inspired  by her rich  cultural upbringing. Kueth Ruach immigrated to Australia at age nine , remembering  her early childhood years watching her mother and aunties make, knitted  crocheting and handwoven  items , an elegant yet  complex  creative skill that was part of their innate nature.

Kueth Ruach creations are a  mix of  traditional and contemporary pieces that balance the nature of modernity whilst honouring tradition and culture. The collection entails  natural dyes and fibres. Ethics and  sustainability is a crucial aspect that plays a huge role in the philosophy and DNA of the brand. 
Kueth Ruach designs  are staple garment pieces with quality , history and care in mind. A piece of tradition that is intended to be  handed over from  generation to generation.  Collections that show incredible detail and craftsmanship, 'a love of culture'. 
Kueth Ruach received Australian Wool Education Trust award for using wool in an innovative design manner. 
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