Cleo Abbott is an emerging Interior designer graduating from Whitehouse Institute of Design Sydney in 2021. There can be nothing more emotive than the space that surrounds you. Good functional design is all about creating a quality of life for the client. Architecture and interior design are a medium of transposition, where one can indulge in the delight of a magical story and be inspired. This ethos has driven Cleo in designing her projects throughout her degree. Cleo brings a love of the natural environment, having been raised on the north coast of NSW and holding a deep passion for travel. Early morning light, Mountainous regions and the ocean’s diverse textural palette resonate with her and imbue with her sense of design. She brings a softened maximalist approach through layering textures and blending different colours and forms. 

This signature project is a complete reflection of Cleo’s design identity. This boutique hotel design encompasses all that inspires her and shows the emotional effect an interior can have on someone. From the environmental aspects, the references to European history, architecture and culture, and classical design. 
Belmond hotels are opening a boutique hotel in Tasmania, Australia, a specialised destination off the grid, aimed towards couples travelling throughout the island and looking for a few days of a relaxing stay. The hotel will provide guests with a luxurious Tasmanian experience, embracing its culture, history and environment. “La dolce vita” holds far more cultural meaning than its literal translation, “the sweet life”. The saying became globally recognised after Federico Fellini 1960 film and encapsulated the essence of life in Italy - elegance, indulgence, romance and style. This idea of elegant and classical European holidaying will be transposed into the Tasmanian landscape, chasing the notion of escaping your everyday life and immersing yourself in the beauty of nature. A place where guests can completely let go and experience the romantic and freeing effect of a holiday. Textures are inspired by the natural surroundings and pay homage to Tasmania’s cultural and historical identity.
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