Creative director and stylist Adelaide Smith has a passion for creating original content. An upbeat yet minimal style and approach to her work extend through all she is doing in life. Her work is inspired by family, travels and her upbringing on a property by the coastal town of Noosa, Queensland. Adelaide is known for her enthusiasm and passion for design and photography. Striving to express the small moments in life, Adelaide explores vintage aspects in her aesthetic and brings a sense of modern curiosity to her work. Her works reveal a compelling appeal of the past, present and emerging, translated into monumental design and intricate detail — uncovering her personality and design identity.
Nostalgia depicts a seasonal colour story evoking a sense of nostalgia through items that have sentimental value to Adelaide and her upbringing. Colour is revealed through vibrant tones and textures represented in stylised studio environments. The work reflects current fashion trends overplayed with Adelaide's fondest memories of childhood. The editorial is expressive, neutral and intricate and a tribute to Adelaide's design identity. 
Boldness meets neutral, minimal meets detail, and memories meet reality.
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