A fashion designer and illustrator with a post-grad in design, I’ve grown up submerged in an artistic environment with an interest in psychology and how the creative mind works. This has helped me develop illustrative and dynamic aesthetics that create an emotional connection. With highly developed skills in print and textile design, storytelling is an important aspect to my work as I explore individual identity with a focus on visual and tactile expression. I focus on merging high fashion and sport luxe aesthetics and the manipulation of feminine and masculine styles to create contemporary and innovative designs using extremes of colour, pattern and shape. Layering is a key aspect of my design style which creates an unveiling and an in depth artistic presentation. My designs were showcased on the student runway as a Finalist for the Student Award at the 2021 Melbourne Fashion week and have received the Designer Award at Whitehouse twice.

‘The Unperceived’ is a Fall collection which analyses the hidden complexities often missed by the rushed gaze. As a twin I have experienced being simplified to a pair instead of a singular. Applying this to societal mindsets, it can be seen that we tend to focus on the obvious and the simplification of assumptions thus missing the true unique identity of each individual. Translating this dynamic, the collection consists of deliberate layering of fabric textures and prints which all could be missed behind the voluminous wadded silhouettes and neutral colour scheme. This symbolises the loss of identity. However, as symmetry is deconstructed and volume dissipates, the true self is unveiled marking
the acceptance of conscious awareness and the rejection of automatic assumptions prevalent in today’s society. This collection bridges beautiful functionality, non-gender specific and sport luxe aesthetics to create dynamic and innovative designs. Through custom prints of past photography, previous work transcends collections symbolising looking at the bigger picture.
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