A fashion designer and illustrator who has a passion for fine art, I focus on merging the aesthetics of the avant-garde with comfortable luxury. Colour and form greatly influence my design in creating wearable pieces of art with unique prints which feature my original artworks. 
Layering has become a key element to my design style, through which I experiment with opacity and gradients to distort viewer perceptions. 
Aiming to combine digital and physical media to continuously push the presentation of my designs, I have developed problem-solving skills and technical skills that encompass many aspects of the design process. These include illustration, print design, pattern making, and digital design.

Over the course of my degree, I have had the opportunity to participate in Melbourne Fashion Week Graduate runway and have been awarded the Designer of the trimester award from Whitehouse Institute of design.

What effect does colour and texture have on our emotions? 
Emerging from this, ‘Scattering light’, a trans-seasonal capsule collection, explores the sensations of colour to evoke emotions of comfort and security through colour gradation and romantic draping. Inspiration was drawn from the colours of the sky at sunrise to mimic the feeling created from the perception of light through the atmosphere. The application of warm and cool colours merge together in a harmonious balance between two opposing forces. Through this, a safe place in-between is created to promote a state of psychological comfort, highlighting the importance of mental wellbeing. Original paintings and photography have been morphed into vibrant hazy prints which contrast the chunky knit and contrasting black and white fabrications. 

Selected to participate in the M/FW graduate runway, I will be showing this layered style through explorations of fabrications and print design to enhance tactile and visual texture.
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