Stuart Crake is a designer who  crafts interior spaces using natural materials and strong lines. Influenced by Thomas Heathwerwick, Olafur Eliasson and Joost Bakker, he aims to blend geometric design with zero waste materials to create spaces of sophistication.
With a passion for hospitality, Stuart believes venues can be so much more than a box with a bar in it. Through bespoke and conceptual design he intends to create venues that bring new paradigms to the industry and, most importantly, create spaces where communities can thrive.

Joost Bakker is an artist, restauranteur and disruptor known for his passion for zero waste. He has created a new blueprint for zero waste living called futurefoodsystem and wishes to expand this idea into a building wide system with a mix of commercial, residential and agricultural elements.  
Stuart Crake imagines the expanded futurefoodsystem as a collection of venues at 167 Franklin St. Using contemporary influences like NOMA, Higher Ground, RE Bar and futurefoodsystem itself, Stuart has crafted sophisticated interiors with a minimalist pallet and maximalist form. With this project Stuart proves that the future of design is zero waste and that interiors crafted from these materials can indeed be luxurious. 
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