Yuwei Liu
Yuwei Liu is an innovative freelance designer. Her design thinking is connected to her unparalleled imagination and creatively self-described as “dream-like or fantasy.” Having the opportunity to live in multiple countries Yuwei has been fortunate to develop and explore different cultures and artistic expressions that have influenced her experimental digital manipulation and photography work. She is adept at using a mix of expressions and has a unique approach to styling that showcases her use of colour and 3D immersive visuals creating alternative dreamlike realities and narratives. As a designer Yuwei is eager to start her creative career in
Shanghai, with ambitions to collaborate with internationally renowned fashion designers and publications.
‘Thaumatrope’ is a compelling fashion editorial that explores the perception of fantasy
and futuristic worlds. Humankind has never stopped exploring the future. This fascination
has formed the cornerstone of the artistic conception of near-futurism, and the scientific myth of multi-dimensional space has become an extension of visual art. Yuwei’s extension of visual art highlight futuristic, reflection and otherworldly are the foundation for Thaumatrope. Thaumatrope seeks to explore this narrative visually through 3 dimensional sets, sleek in colour and texture. Embracing digital mediums. The creative direction behind Thaumatrope highlights textures of metallic, plastic and mirrored. Modern technology has given me future visions, probably spatial, from one-dimensional space to two-dimensional space to 3D. To allow the attention to generating the room for the imagination.
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