Phillipa West is an emerging stylist, photographer and creative director based in Sydney, Australia. Phillipa has always possessed an inherent love of colour, organic texture and natural form that is the inspiration for her personal style. 

Her work displays a heightened perception of detail which is reflected in a crisp and often minimalist aesthetic. Her impactful yet measured use of colour results in a precise often hyper-realistic outcome that focuses the audience’s attention. She aspires to establish herself as a professional styling generalist offering expertise in all disciplines of styling including fashion, food and product.

Phillipa is professional and committed to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of her clientele. Her open and personable manner enables her to work collaboratively and contribute an energy and creativity to every project.

‘Core’ is a colour magazine that looks to seasonal lifestyles. The word ‘core’ has many interpretations. The word can be taken literally such as an apple core or naturally like the core of a tree or in common usage, core means the muscles of your torso. 

‘Core’, the editorial, aims to capture everyday life in a contemporary approach through colour and composition while having a sustainable consciousness and traceability.

A powerful Spring/Summer colour story of red and green underpins this seasonal edition. These two colours are complementary to each other and are very evocative of fresh starts, green living, and passion. The extended editorial aims to highlight the freshness of the colour palette and the connotations of the individual colours. It takes a sensory and immersive approach to present fashion, beauty, food and homewares so that viewers can almost touch and taste the featured objects and ideas. 
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