Francesca Maiurana, Creative Director and Stylist. For as long as she can remember, she has always had a creative touch. While being inspired by the atmosphere and authenticity of the suburbs in her hometown of Sydney, she branched out to hone her passion pursuing a Bachelor of Design at Whitehouse Institute of Design. She flourishes in photography, digital manipulation and collage, the art of composition.
Her visual communication style often revolves around layering texture and imagery, along with the sentiment of handmade work, taking a dynamic approach to creating. She draws inspiration from everyone she meets and the environment around her, finding unpredictable moments and current world circumstances pertinent to her creative process. She often focuses on an achromatic scheme, injected with one key saturated colour. In every final project, she includes a personal touch, making them a true reflection of herself as an individual and a designer.

‘Destination Unknown’ portrays a desire for freedom and fulfilling our longing for travel as the world returns to normal. The editorial evokes a feeling of spontaneity, as it reflects on the current circumstances of society. Living through lockdown has rekindled a connection and enjoyment of the outdoors. This idea has been brought to life in a unique and dynamic way, achieved through a mix of vintage and contemporary photography, collage and illustration. It coincides with the excitement of packing a bag and getting ready to hit the road, admiring the drive from the backseat of an old school car, stopping for a picnic and finally arriving.
The importance of the colour green throughout exemplifies the urge for renewal and a fresh start, as well as holding strong connotations to nature. The imagery to support this narrative takes the viewer on a cohesive journey of travel, embracing simple, intimate experiences. With the addition of nostalgic elements, reflection of the past and the future are combined, symbolising a way of forgetting a period of time where the world was paused, and replacing it with the freedom to arrive at our next destination.
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