Marian Viray is an emerging Multidisciplinary Designer whose aesthetic reflects her profound interest in discovering the extraordinary in ordinary subjects. 
Viray’s art and design has been impacted by her upbringing in Western Sydney, where she was exposed to a variety of cultures and their artforms which raised a special awareness towards the different conceptions of reality. This is frequently readapted into her contemporary works using photography and graphic design.

Marian Viray’s latest project, “D(igi)-FR-B”, is a play on the scientific term, “DFR-B”, by using the shortened version of the word “digital.”  “DFR-B” is the genetically dominant gene that is responsible for the pigmentation of the plant’s stems, leaves and flowers. Any mutation in this gene can result in a complete absence or increase of the anthocyanin (colour) pigmentation in the plant. 
With this as the focus, she will showcase this notion through photographing a fashion (focusing on details and patterns resembling flowers) and still life editorial, accompanied by her digital illustrations. In post-production, the DFR-B gene of the fashion and still life components will be digitally “mutated”.
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