Eliza Lean’s journey at Whitehouse Institute of Design has come to an end, graduating with a Bachelor in Interior Design. Her work is guided by a strong belief in design as a problem-solving tool, a way of recognising and forming relationships between ideas and reality. Eliza’s fascination and curiosity for the psychology behind interiors, constantly asking the how’s and why’s, has been the foundation for her conceptual ideas and detailed design, ensuring everything has a purpose. A passionate pursuer to continuously define people’s connection to the world through spatial curation, she believes a space should be a personal expression of one’s mind and soul. Throughout her studies and experiences, she has dedicated her design journey to manifest innovations that could potentially re-contextualise the face of design. Stepping foot into the design industry, Eliza is conscious of creating a sustainable future. Showcased in her designs is a connection with the natural world, opting for organic shapes, textures and tones.

‘Protagonist’ is a pair of small Passive Houses designed to provide accommodation as an escape from the roller coaster of reality and feel like the main character in this story of life. This project intends to promote the feelings we associate with the movies, books and stories we adore and their ability to take us to another world. These passive builds are located on separate sites, with contrasting environments of Tasmania and New South Wales. The unique characteristics of the surrounding environments are the main inspiration for the interiors, evoking emotion, philosophy and an internal longing for nature. The strategic design and material selection are influenced by the requirements necessary for a PassivHaus certification, guiding a path for the future of design.
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