Gabrielle Toohey is a versatile Designer, Artist, Director and so much more. Her work, featured through Washed Up Daydreams, is a creative expression based on life experiences and surroundings. Her design aesthetic evolves for each story she is visually communicating. With captivating compositions that evoke mood and emotion. Gravitating towards film photography, and vibrant colour communications she injects personality into every project. With a philosophy of authentic and experimental design application which challenges traditional ideas of design, blending the known with the unknown, Gabrielle applies this formula to multiple mixed mediums of Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Creative Direction and Branding. As an emerging Designer, she is looking to engage with Melbourne’s creative community with the long-term intention of establishing herself in New York City.

The Flip Side project is an independent fashion editorial designed to encourage readers to keep their heads in the clouds. It offers an engaging reflection on monotonous day-to-day activities whilst exploring the contrast of an alternative reality our imaginations often create. Flip Side offers an innovative creative perspective connecting fashion, collage and photography through the lens of a Design Day Dreamer. By infusing vivid colour combinations, juxtaposition of backgrounds, and interactive 360 visuals filled with personality and energy, the creative direction behind Flip Side brings an optimistic take on the human condition. Igniting the question to its readers what’s their Flip Side?
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