Franciska is an emerging interior designer based in Melbourne. She is influenced heavenly by family values, connection, cultural background and diversity. She believes spaces should have a deeper meaning rather than simply being aesthetically pleasing. She believes spaces should be able to tell a story and spark excitement and inspiration. Driven by the passion to truly echo the client on a deeper level, she is able to push boundaries and create innovative and timeless spaces bespoke and unique to each and every client.​​​​​​​
“I aspire to tell a story from the spaces I create without even saying a word. I want the essence of my clients and who I am a designer to be woven into my designs. It is about creating spaces that nurture the soul, inspires creativity and allows people to live more beautifully and functionally.”

 With the world and society heavily impacted by the dreadful effects of covid 19, we seek escape and contentment. People have lost jobs, loved ones and even lost ourselves during these difficult times. We have let go of taking care of our wellbeing, our spiritual health, mental health and physical health. We dream about a getaway, to detox, rejuvenate our mind and body and recharge from post pandemic.
We strive to awaken the human spirit. Serena is designed to help you enliven the body, stimulate the mind, express emotion, renew the spirit and guide you on a track of self-care and healing. We support individuals on their life transformation journey. Whether you come to renew yourself, rest, begin a spiritual journey, discover your body, or continue self-growth, Serena will guide you and will provide an enlightening journey for everyone. We aim to create a sense of empowerment and conscious living that will gift you with the power of freedom and remove stress and unhealthy aspects from your life. Let Serena cocoon you within a haven, a peaceful place where you can uncover nourishment.
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