Gabrielle Calabrese
Gabrielle Calabrese, an emerging creative known for her minimalistic approach, skills ranging from photography, marketing and styling; fashion, food and interior. Gabrielle has produced an array of work in her previous studies and her portfolio can be found on her personal website. She hones in on the elements of design and how they are perceived through the way she uses texture, colour and space. Striving for different concepts to always be explored, stepping out of her comfort zone is something that she loves because it allows her to always produce new and exciting work. Gabrielle aims to create inspirational pieces of work, she states, “When engaging with my work, I want the viewer to look at it with a deeper meaning, most of the time it has a subliminal context underpinning the creative aesthetic.”

The Brighter Side, a Lifestyle Editorial that collates an array of photographs, illustrations and optimism. It’s light and bright feel focuses on the idea of coming together within the home. The photographs each hold colour, texture and contrast between the specific palette specially made for this concept. Revolving around sweet foods and drinks, the vignettes explore different ways this can be represented. The Editorial exudes lightness, which is implemented through the lifestyle aspect of food and drinks. The importance of seeking the beauty of the finer details and little things in life is something that should be taken away upon perception. There is always a brighter side to everything.
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