Georgia Thompson is a Creative Director, Photographer and Stylist who has a passion for the styling industry. Georgia is constantly inspired and influenced by organic homewares as well as interior and editorial styling, which is seen across her work. Georgia’s portfolio showcases her skills in design with a focus on homewares, nature and Interior Styling disciplines.
She has a strong eye for detail and she injects the right blend of strategic planning and problem solving when approaching creative tasks. Georgia sees herself working locally and internationally in Editorial Styling and Interior Styling and aims to further her knowledge in this field.

The “Inside the mind” editorial is a ceramic and pottery focused story illustrating the mind of a ceramicist. The editorial will be exploring the ceramicist, Megan Sutton, and her experience and connection with pottery. 
Having grown up with the creative eye in an environment that allowed her to celebrate with craft and design, Megan believes that her calling as a ceramic and pottery artist wasn’t a choice- it was always there, waiting to be discovered. To discover the mind behind Megan and her pottery, I visited her studio and observed her during her creative practice and identified the process behind ceramics.

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