There is an unspoken dialogue between the designer and consumer. I translate my concepts and ideas into a tangible physical product, creating a visual experience for the viewer. 
As a designer this process of translation is where I find the purpose of fashion. I aim to provide a surrealist visual escape and to provoke an emotional response through creating unconventional shapes and emotive colour palettes and prints. So I invite you to see my perspective of the world, through my work. 
My skills range from garment construction, pattern making, draping, illustration, designing, digital design and creative direction.

I explore the journey of harmonising our inner world with the outer world through my collection, ‘Restrict, Relay, Release’. I aimed to create a visual representation on the process of emotions. 
Garments feature the ethically-sourced, sustainable fabric, ZQ premium merino wool and fabric remnants and threads from past projects which have been repurposed to use as a design detail for stuffing. 
Furthermore, garment details include distorted silhouette through experimental structural techniques such as manipulation of wire and stuffing, It also features a custom print and texture. 
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