Savannah Soule
Growing up in self sustainable communities in rural Australia has given me a strong connection with the land and a sustainable way of thinking. Placing an importance on positive environmental impacts, I apply this knowledge and understanding to the way I design. Sustainably and creatively adapting what would normally be waste into high end garments. I have partnered with local Melbourne based businesses, using their off- cuts to create minimal waste, up-cycled clothing. Colour and prints are a hallmark of my designs and I aspire to achieve functional and comfortable pieces that blur the lines between an active and leisure aesthetic.

Heavily influenced by sportswear, the collection Dreaming in Colour takes multiple activewear design attributes and combines them with signature prints to create functional and colourful garments. The collection explores fashion through a sustainable eye while continuing to push the boundaries of how the role of collaboration can have a positive effect on high end, up-cycled fashion. Dreaming in Colour is prominently made from offcuts sourced from local Melbourne businesses as well as biodegradable plastics.
The shape and design features have been exaggerated and the garments within the collection blur the lines of what is masculine and what is feminine but at the same time continuing to show a timeless elegance. Dreaming in Colour examines the nature of hues and how they effect our emotions. This collection encourages feelings such as excitement and happiness as well as energy and power.
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