Mikayla Moustacas is a determined fashion designer with an interest in bridal and evening wear. She discovered her passion for quality and intricate pieces during high school and has continued to explore this throughout her degree at the Whitehouse Institute of Design. 

The Roaring 2020s Collection is an adaptation of 1920s fashion with a modern twist, featuring exuberant, glamorous and luxurious, bridal and evening wear looks. 
The collection is brought to life using silk taffeta, tulle and ostrich feathers. They also utilise netting to create great volume in the sleeves. 
Confident, young women who wish to unleash themselves on society, love dancing, celebrating, fun and partying with class revel in these looks, with the inclusion of feathers, both neutral and bold, boosting their energy and allowing them to live their life as they would if it were a dream.  
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