Hana Brinkworth is a passionate fashion designer based in Sydney, Australia.
A graduate of the Whitehouse Institute of Design with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Fashion, she has developed a strong aesthetic, exploring the fantasy of the hyper-feminine.
Her designs ooze extravagance and exaggeration, with elements of traditional techniques and finishes tied with playful colourful twists, and whimsical yet sexy silhouettes.
Inspired by the feminine; historically and in its contemporary lens, she aspires towards creating aesthetically beautiful fashion; vibrant, fun and fantastical, and exploring the optimism, beauty and joy within a kooky, colourful high fashion lens.  

Playing with extreme exaggeration of the female silhouette and hyper-feminine motifs, the collection details an exploration of the construction and re-engineering of the female form.
Through the concept of revealing and exaggerating a feminine form, the creation of sheer and structured silhouettes, explores traditional femininity through a current fashion lens.
The exploration of hyper-femininity on a graphic surface level, aesthetically through kooky floral motifs and silhouettes, and paired with bright, fun, whimsical colours, is tied with a touch of sexiness, allowing the collection to balance on the verge of elegance and sex appeal, pushing the extremes without tipping beyond the point of high fashion.
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