All my energy goes into designing and crafting gender fluid garments. Creating a contemporary platform for individuals who do not identify with either gender. The designs are about expressing your inner self, inspired by films, pop culture and the arts relating to non-binary society. I want to encourage confidence and pride in individuals, as well as creating a loving space in the fashion industry. With a mixture of menswear and womenswear combined with different styles as one. As the common categories for menswear and womenswear are not enough, I want to empower more fashion that is fluid and uncategorized Fashion without genders.

Incorporating the essence of a feminine style into a menswear Collection. Being identified as a specific gender, individual should not feel constricted or contained under their own skin. Society should not determine the attitude of how a person should behave. Individuals should have the right to portray themselves in an environment, where they feel comfortable to dress based on their characteristics, personality, and charisma. They should not feel the emotions of being forced or depressed to act a certain way or dress as a particular way in regards with society attitudes.
The Collection, allows specific target audiences to feel more confident, comfortable, encouraged, and empowered for their own unique identity. Allowing them to step out of their small world and dive into the reality of self-love. The purpose is to create a platform for LGBTQ individuals in the fashion industry where they are able to express themselves freely. As a creative designer, I would like to create meaning and space behind these garments and not just to be manipulated. The concept of ‘Joli Garcon’, which means ‘Pretty Boy’ in French, demonstrates the idea of a pure, elegant, feminine, girly and an innocent repetition of a women into a men’s aspect. If a women can wear men’s clothes why not allow men to also feel normal to wear women’s clothes as well and not view as being disadvantaged. This concept is all about appreciating yourself, accepting for who you are, and being true to yourself with the world that surrounds you. In other word, it is taken from the synonym of self-love.
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