Michelle Pinto is young creative based in Sydney, Australia with a keen interest in fashion design. Graduating from Whitehouse Institute of Design in 2021. Michelle has been developing her design identity in silhouette-based womenswear with a heavy focus on women’s ready-to-wear. Michelle wishes to design garments that push the boundaries that bind traditional women’s wear. To reimagine and create interesting silhouettes that can transform the body. Consistent in her design aesthetic of big & bold, Michelle explores daring silhouettes and bold colours in a way that remains modern and in the now. Her graduate collection demonstrates the way in which she thinks out of the box.

The boundaries to which the female silhouette can be pushed too and how design can transform it into a life form of its own is the concept explored in 'Heatwave'. With a heavy focus on the space age aesthetic, this capsule collection divulges into how extremities and absurdities within fashion can come together to create exciting garments. Through the use of padding in the panelling these garments shape the body with care and construction, transforming them. 'Heatwave' combines bold thermal colours with unconventional silhouettes to create a sense of balance within the chaos. To take oneself outside of the realm of the ordinary.
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