Growing up on a building site in Regional Victoria, Hugo takes particular interest in construction techniques, design visualisation, precise detailing, and the interaction between design and environment. In addition to his undergraduate degree, Hugo also completed the Graduate Certificate of Design in 2021. He received the Whitehouse Designer Award for his Kilt-inspired, skirt design and the Australian Wool Education Trust (AWET) grant for the diverse selection of wools used throughout his Graduate Collection. The same collection also featured in the Melbourne Fashion Week Student Runway. 
Hugo values high quality fabrication and draws from a vast array of interests, including furniture design, construction, painting, bag making, and filmmaking. He frequently references these interests in his designs.

‘What He Wore’ is a love letter to Romanticism. The title brings to mind a sense of fond recollection, encapsulating the viewer's admiration for both the style and wearer. Among other influences of this collection are personal spaces and private interiors that exude a sense of warmth and nostalgia.
The capsule observes classical and contemporary menswear styles and offers a unique perspective within the high fashion space. It showcases a sophisticated textural and tonal variety of wools as well as other natural fibres that enfold the wearer.
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