Indigoe Flavell embraces a curious human centric approach to design. Her focus is creating an experience for the wearer, supporting the story through utilising tactile texture and empowering silhouette.
Based in Sydney, Australia Indigoe defines her mission through the belief that every person has the ability to understand and express themselves through their choice of clothing, she advocates for a safe environment to explore, play and experience. This spirited and digestible approach to design reflects her desire for clarity through creation. 
Informed by Indigoe’s small town upbringing, her outlook and design perspective balance the line between practical durable design and the exploration from traditional fabrication, silhouette and print, as she embraces the concepts of naivety, playfulness and vulnerability.

This collection studies the human experience of growth. Exploring designs that celebrate childlike playfulness and brings the wearer to a place of confidence and ease. The Collection speaks to the physicalisation of childlike naivety and life without the pressure of self actualisation in our hyper surreal dystopian world.
Bold dramatic style art, distorted text and human caricatures make up the tactile texture created using a combination of textile ink, machine stitching, hand embroidery, patchwork and applique. The ‘SLOW’ text applied on the jacket references slow movement and mindfulness, through which clarity is achieved. 
This collection uses the subversive combination of silhouette, fabrication and tactile texture to achieve clarity and comfort for the wearer. The use of the natural fabric wool achieves symbiosis with the themes of physical comfort by utilising breathability, durability and environmentally conscious fabrication.

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