From a young age I’ve always been curious. This curiousity has brought me from Lianyungang all the way to Melbourne in search of something - an essence I still can’t truly define.
Fashion design has been for me, an outlet. A way of expressing my curiousities and obersvations. It is my sanctuary and the language I would like to refine the most.

I have been thinking a lot about feminine energy. What it means to be female, how it feels. It’s something I’ve had trouble putting into words for a long time. Just like the rivers, the oceans and the seas, it resembles an energy that is always moving. Flowing and shifting and in a constant state of motion. In the form of a tsunami, water can wash away a city. Yet it slips through our fingers, and can come as gently as a summer rain. Water makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface, yet it is ungraspable.

My collection aims to resemble the qualities of both water andfeminine energy. With an emphasis on flow and non-restrictive form, highlighting organic rhythms and curves. By integrating various textiles, I aim to produce textured pieces with an improvisational tone.
Dresses, tiered skirts and tops that resemble cascades; featuring a river of drapes, pleats and tucks.
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