Isabella Robitschko is a young and innovative fashion designer from Sydney, who has completed a Bachelor of Fashion and Design at Whitehouse Institute of Design. 
High quality and unusual materials combined with uniquely designed luxury and ready-to-wear fashion are a major focus of Isabella’s work. Due to her European background, Isabella is heavily influenced by the Scandinavian style and design. Isabella has a strong interest in architecture and the 1960s era and carries that throughout her designs and one day would love to mix Architecture and Fashion together. Focusing and believing that “Fabrics speak for themselves”, Isabella Robitschko delivers that into her work, creating simplistic, modern and sophisticated designs.

Isabella’s Spring/Summer Graduate collection “LEFT-FIELD” is all about Self discovery of who you are as a person and as a designer. Self discovery has various meanings including self-confidence, reflecting on one’s own work, adaptability, challenging oneself and being open to constructive feedback. This ties into this collection through the use of unusual and innovative materials, such as silicone, PVC, nuts and bolts. This collection is influenced by the 1960s Space Age Fashion, which incorporates the striking bold colours and mixing Marimekko prints to symbolise the sixties.
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