Isobel Stewart is a multi-disciplinary designer specialising in the field of creative direction and styling. Her studies at the Whitehouse Institute of Design have contributed to her polished and refined sense of style, along with a great attention to detail. Isobel’s creative interests are shaped by a passion for handmade processes, and she is influenced by her fascination with ancient history and fine art. Isobel prides herself on the ability to create effective visual stories in the realm of editorial fashion, beauty and product styling, as well as the production of photography and graphic design for both online and print publications. With a flair for style and clear direction in all artistic endeavours, Isobel is a skilled visual communicator with strong talent for the direction of creative projects.

Through the lens of a detail-oriented fashion and jewellery editorial, the Tactile editorial examines the textural materiality and visual impact of common fashion textiles. The editorial aims to immerse the viewer in a world of considered detail, showcasing the unique textural features of each physical piece. Set in a seasonless, artistic fashion context, the styling of Tactile is neither casual nor formal, but directed to reflect a sense of costume in both the clothing and jewellery. Tactile allows textural aesthetics to speak for themselves, highlighting an understanding and admiration of the craftsmanship and fabrication processes behind the creation of our most beloved fashion materials and textiles.
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