A country gal with a heart for the city–a love for people and the environment. I dream of a world where we all live with the same standards, people treated kindly, and the environment is never left as a last thought. In everything I do I am conscious of the impact that what I make will have on the world. Every little decision we make creates an affect in our lives, even a small decision can change your life or someone else’s. This is the butterfly effect. My designs are made to tell a story. A story of the world we live in and the world we could live in. Turning people’s attention towards the issue, immense waste in landfill and the unethical practices  and providing a solution.
The materials that are sourced are either recycled or made new using ethical and sustainable practices. The aim is to reduce the waste that is produced by up cycling materials or clothing, as well as ensuring that those involved with the production of each garment are treated to the proper ethical standards

 What if fashion didn’t have to have to come at the cost of the environment? What if clothing was made to last for years? What if the unwanted items in your closet can have another life?
Imagine a city full of nature and wildlife. Image a world where people are equal. Imagine a time where nobody had to protest because there would be no need.
I once heard the statement “we are one!” and it got me to think, can this be possible?
The aim of this collection is to bring this statement to life. Each garment consist of pieces of material that have all come from different places and have had different uses. However, when designed well, they create one cohesive piece. Not only that, they also come with almost zero waste.
The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, sitting just under oil. Think about that for a minute.  
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