A Melbourne based Creative Director and Stylist, Jasmine Eu has both a Bachelor of Design and Graduate Certificate of Design, as well as vast industry experience. Her various skill sets include Visual Merchandising, Fashion, Interior and Event Styling, Illustration, Graphic Design, and Photography, which can be applied across multiple disciplines. Eu is recognised for producing content with precision and dominant manipulation of linear forms. With her own creative service and styling business, Styled By Eu, she continues to explore inspirational sources of Eastern design and lifestyle, as well as the abstract interpretation of narrative.

5, 6, 7, 8 (referring to four rhythmic commencing counts) is a fashion Editorial exploring themes of linear steps and organic movement. The concept is communicated through luxury sneakers and the dynamic line of a dancer’s form. The leading principle regards an individual's raise in confidence when wearing a particular shoe. This can be directly related to the courage a dancer experiences in the pause prior to the opening of a performance. Emotions associated with wearing specific footwear can be interpreted as a metaphor for self-assurance. Aspects of architecture additionally inform elements of structure and line. Muted greens accompany neutral tones to discover depth and serenity throughout the Editorial.
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