Jencie Canfield is a Creative Director from Mulwala New South Wales who has completed a Bachelor of Design at Whitehouse Institute of Design in Melbourne. Specialising in Brand Identity, Photography and Styling. Canfield has always had a flare for the nostalgic remnants of the land, and incorporates this aesthetic in the tones and colour palette within her graphic exploration. Canfield finds inspiration in the art of Typography, Biomorphic shapes and paper textures that inform her creative decisions. The field she finds herself seeping into is the shaping of visual narratives, within a creative space, whilst seeking out ways to honour its original era. 

Design Statement
‘Burrowes Rest’ is a small booklet that captures a unique property in the heart of the King Valley. The land once belonged to an Italian family, that crafted everything by hand, planting orchards and producing wine. Through mixed media, photographs and stories, the booklet will craft a wistful desire to experience the accomodation in regional victoria and remain true to the history of the landscape. Handwritten elements, as well as old novels will be scanned alongside styled vignettes to bestow the narrative. A mixture of lifestyle and interior photography will be captured to inspire the curation of a home, and ones own personal story. 
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