Jenna Rifici 
 Jenna Rifici is an emerging Creative Director and Stylist with a passion for interiors and  lifestyle photography. Rifici’s personality is reflected through her work, showcasing a clean, modern and innovative direction. Driven to achieve excellence Jenna is hard working and has discovered a polished design aesthetic, derived from her life experiences, travels and the world that surrounds. Jennas heritage has assisted in shaping her flourishing aesthetic as she is inspired by the endless architecture, natural elements and traditional culture. Rifici continues to stay true to her modern, minimal and natural visions expressed through both fashion and interior styling as this is where she works best. Her strong enthusiasm has  encouraged exceptional concept development that continues to hold a narrative. Jenna’s style, attention to detail, personality and strong work ethic is what makes her a trusted and well equiped Creative Director, Stylist and Photographer.

The Seven Seas is a concept that surrounds a particular lifestyle. An endless summer that fills the soul with every touch, moment and feeling. The lifestyle zeen introduces a conceptual narrative, exploring the natural textures of our surroundings, simplistic formations in architecture and a warmth to life through product, living and dining settings. A true expression for life taking the audience on a visual journey, to a place where we can feel connected to certain roots or moments in time. The seven seas project delves into a slow and organic lifestyle through the use of its neutral colour palette, raw materials and organic textures while highlighting the latest trends in home styling. The Seven Seas combines a minimalist approach to contemporary design creating an inviting and sentimental space for all. 
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