Jessica Fraser is half Jamaican and half Scottish/English and moved to Sydney, Australia when she was 2 years old. She takes her inspiration to design from her culture, family and her experiences throughout life. Developing this connection with fashion throughout her years as she honed in on the trials and tribulations a woman of colour faces in the world and how she can represent her passion of empowering women through Fashion Design.

“The Flow of Feminie Curves” The power of a woman with strength and body. Creating a collection which focused  on accentuating the natural body with corsetry whilst adding modern elements such as organza materials to show the natural skin of the model underneath. High lighting the beautiful shapes, curves and bends of the womanly figure. Structure and detail are what make this collection of couture one of a kind pieces which will be seen in future runways , giving life to the empowered women in the world.
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