Jessica Mullane is a fashion designer from Sydney Australia. Graduating from Whitehouse Institute of Design in 2021, Jessica aims to develop and promote her brand JKME that she started whilst studying at Whitehouse. JKME embodies Jessica's design philosophy and ultimately revolves around the fierce, powerful woman. Jessica is proficient in pattern cutting and sewing and uses her skills to design unique garments that appeal to women that are confident in expressing themselves through fashion.

Jessica's Graduate collection, titled 'Organale' explores the parallels between the manmade and natural world, with a primary focus on positive and negative space. Sheepskin leather is consistent throughout this collection as it displays strength. Lighter weight fabrics such as silk organza are also used to contrast leather with a more fragile, soft side to femininity. Ultimately, the aim of this collection is to offer a fresh perspective on womenswear by modernising traditional silhouettes and fabrications.
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